Creating an Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization is the culmination of multiple online efforts that, when done together and correctly, will allow you to achieve that increasingly desired online exposure. Dedicating time and effort to creating your ideal brand message and business-related keywords, utilizing social media outlets, and also allowing for patience and the adaptation to always-changing search engine protocol, you will then find yourself with a solid foundation and a lasting online presence for your business.

SEO is the most cost-effective method to acquire first-page placement across our most popular search engines such as Google and Bing. What is most important though, is that you invest your time and money into a company that will conduct honest and authentic efforts on behalf of your brand; it is through this that you will then find increased visibility, higher traffic to your site, stronger engagement from customers and a successful delivery of your brand’s value, intentions and overall identity.

Business Keyword Research

Become familiar and educated with your business, all services provided and the brand message.  Comprise full list of keywords that reflect the business and will help with overall online visibility across search engines.  Examine competitiveness of each keyword and include long-tail search terms as well in order to target each form of search query that may lead a potential new customer to your website.

Website Page Optimization

Generate an appropriate title and meta-description for each individual page across the website that incorporates page-specific information as well as business-related keywords.

Ensure that content is not duplication and reflects all business services and page-specific information.

Content Generation, Blogging

Ensure all content across website is authentic and original, confirm that no duplicate content exists, generate new and relevant information to include on site such as through services page, service areas pages, blog posts, etc.

Blogging on a regular basis such as once per week will provide substantial new business-related content, new areas to optimize, quality information for search engines to identify and an interesting new dynamic to your website for visitors to explore.

Local Directory Submissions

Establish business across online directories: include business & all business info on all respected local directories, confirm business is officially verified on Google+, Yahoo, Bing, etc. in order to prevent any outsiders from adding false information or compromising business reputation.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Install and monitor Google Analytics in order to track all traffic, progress, changes to a website.  Google Analytics is a crucial tool to use in order to follow and note valuable monthly data for your website that allows us to make improvements, alterations accordingly in order to achieve the best and highest traffic. Number of visitors, new visitors, highest visited pages, demographics, etc.  Many key target points can be followed that provide substantial information and value.

Install Google Webmaster Tools in order to ensure that an up-to-date sitemap is submitted for search engines to crawl.  Allows monitoring of website health, potentially harmful links to your site, site errors, top keywords, and much more.   This information provides key details about your website’s functionality and anything that may need to be corrected in order to maintain a reliable and healthy site.


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